Pioneering farm to florist supply.

The short supply chain explained...

A supply chain is defined as 'short' when the distance between grower and florist is streamlined to minimise intermediaries. We have championed this for the UK flower market allowing us to deliver value to our customers by:
1) Offering premium at a lower price.
2) Delivering at peak freshness.
3) Being the most consistently reliable supplier by selling from the same farms and overseeing all our flowers' travel times.
These are the benefits that we offer florists through our flowers. 

Colombian roses UK

Great flowers come from people who know.

We do our homework to find great partners. We're on the farm, on the sorting lines, and at the loading bays with our flower growers. We're proud to call them friends.
They are collaborators who share our values, our passion, and our vision. We dig into the details with our partners, from selecting the seeds that grow the best varieties to post harvest handling and packaging. 
We are on a mission to deliver quality beyond question.
So how do we keep ourselves in check...?
Simple. We have absolute clarity on what quality means and are uncompromising in our mission to achieve it.  
Colombia Direct Quality